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Enduro Tow Strap


Always be prepared for an adventure with the Trailbound Enduro Tow Strap. We’ve got plenty of use out of this pulling bikes out of ravines and towing broke down bikes out of the woods. The strap is nice and long coming in at at 14 feet long to make it more useful in recovery. It’s made out 1 inch wide tubular webbing with a high break strength at 2200 pounds. The ends have 5” loops for quick rigging to your foot peg, with a synch knot around your tugger strap or as a handle for good grip.

—14 feet long
—5" Handles with Box-X Stitch reinforcement
—1 inch wide strap
—Rolled up length: 7 inches x 2 inches x 1 inch
—Sublimated Hot orange color to prevent fading
—2200 pound breaking strength
—500 degree Fahrenheit melting point
—extremely high water, mildew, oil, acid, abrasion resistance
—Veg tanned leather strap, neats foot oiled with waterproof Snoseal finish