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Enduro Strap Rear Fender Kit


A rear version to our best selling fender strap kit. Because of the taper of KTM/Husky rear fenders the strap needs something to hold itself down. These bolt in loops meet that need and work great. Typically we do the bulkier items on the front fender and the lower profile items on the back such as tool roll, tube, jacket ect. Would be stoked to see how you use these, please tag us on Instagram @trailboundco. Cheers!

Kit includes:
—2x 25" rubber enduro gear straps
—4x powder coated metal loops
—8x black metric nut/washer/bolt

Enduro Gear Strap Details:
—Extremely tough stretchy polyutrethane strap
—25” long
—3/4” wide
—Heat-treated aluminum buckle
—Secure, bundle, and repair almost anything outdoors

Product Installation:
—Drill 8 holes in rear fender
—Bolt down metal loops underneath or on top of fender

*Black loops sold out, dm to find out when they will be back