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Fuel Cache Bottle / 750ML

$23.99 / Sold Out

Sale is for dented bottle

Our auxiliary gas bottle is here to help you extend your rides even further. Each bottle acts as a reserve by holding 750ML. The aluminum alloy is light weight yet strong and durable. Because of the slender size you can slide a couple of these into your camel pack or attach them to the front fender using our Enduro Strap kit. As soon as you burn some gas just empty the bottle into your tank to lighten the load. We’ve even used the empty bottle to transfer gas from one bike to the other on the last leg of the loop. Pack gas and haul ass!

—Made of high-quality and lightweight 7072 aluminum alloy.
— Oring sealed cap
—.75 L (750ml, 25.36oz)
—Size 10 inches tall by 2.9 inches wide
—Dry Weight: 5oz
—Fuel not included

Enduro Fender Strap Kit