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Full Wrap Fork Guards


The order came and will be shipping out the pre orders! The free shipping deal will end after this week.

please note that orange, white and black are the only colors available in exc/xcw dual cable guide (break and odometer) all other colors have a single cable guide.

Product Details:

ProTech guards are a newly designed fork guard that directly replaces your standard OEM guard. They offer much more protection to the fork stanchion from roost and stones so increases the service life of your forks. As of 2016 most modern motocross bikes are using air sprung technology rather than a steel spring. This is making it even more important to protect that chrome stanchion from being chipped and damaged.


- NEW DESIGN, much greater area of the fork stanchion now protected from stone chips and damage
- EASY FITMENT, Easily fitted with no need to remove fork legs
- MONEY SAVING, Saves you money on fork servicing throughout the year