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Parts Pouch

$25.99 / Sold Out

We've developed a new way to organize all the spare parts and necessities for trailside repairs. Separating your tools from your parts makes the bulk more modular and easier to organize the inside of your backpack. The diagonal zipper allows for the pouch to have a really wide mouth that sits open (while still containing the load) and lets you find what you need without dumping everything out. There are 4 elastic spots to stuff medium sized pieces like tape, links, patch kit, steel putty and then the bigger bulkier items such as zip ties spark plug and bailing wire can go behind that. For the extra small pieces like bolts and master links we recommend our bolt bag that slides nicely into the corner of the parts pouch.

—Wide mouth design
—Parts Pouch: 9.25 inches tall x 4.25 inches wide
—Bolt Bag: 3.5 inches across, 2.5 inches on edge
—1000 Denier Coated Cordura Nylon Fabric
—Durable water repellent finish
—YKK waterproof zipper
—550 Paracord pull tab
—Trailbound Embroidered patch