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Trailbound Diamond Torch Helmet Light


The Trailbound Diamond Torch Light is an essential piece of your every ride carry. With a compact design and no external batteries or heavy batteries you can leave it in your bag and pull it out when the sun sets and you're still 20 miles from the truck. We aren't suggesting you race Baja with this light but it will get you out of the woods in style. The light clips into standard gopro buckles and can pivot up and down and side to side. The 900 lumens is powered by standard 18650 rechargeable batteries which you can carry extras as backups!

-900 lumens
-zoomable lens
-universal 18650 battery
-replaceable battery on the fly
-USB charging
-tilt and twist mount
-fits existing gopro buckles on helmet

Full kit:
Light, gopro buckle, round and flat gopro buckle mount, 2 batteries, usb charging cable, protective sheath