2024 GasGas EC300 First Look

The 2024 Gas Gas EC300 has all the huge 23KTM changes to the frame, swing arm, electronic power valve, gear box, radiators, kick stand, LED headlight and of course the motor being TBI (throttle body injection). But I put together a list of all the differences between the KTM and Gas Gas as well as some of my initial opinions and thoughts.

I was just trying to decide whether I wanted to get an XC or XCW TBI and all fingers were pointing toward the Gas Gas (if they did a TBI release) and literally the next day they released it, maybe its fate. I had a 2022 TPI gas gas that I did a 350h review on and it was a great bike. But let’s dive into this 24 version. 


Aluminum Subframe 
-It has an Aluminum sub frame! Looks like the old style all aluminum sub frame opposed to the 24XCW half aluminum half plastic which. The GG one will be ideal for hard enduro where the bike gets thrown more

Old Xplor Forks
-Unfortunately it uses the Old Xplor open cartridge forks opposed to the new 24XCW XACT closed cartridge forks that are a superior design. The old Xplor were nice and soft for hard enduro but I wish they would have just softened the new XACT forks for the GG. It does say the forks are longer though, probably to compensate for the new frame, maybe its more raked out.


New Shock
-Rear shock is the new WP XACT shock found on the 24XC with hand clickers.

New Starter Button
-Different starter button than 24XCW (but it looks like an equally bad design compared to older single button ones)

Hard Enduro
-Marketing emphasizes ‘hard enduro’ so potentially it could mean a less stiff frame than the KTM’s?

Silver Wheels
-Still has silver wheels unfortunately. Black, even scratched just looks better

-Top of the tank is black but the lower part is still clear so you can see your fuel level, although the shrouds cover most of the tank

-The seat mount might be different than the 24XCW front bolt design, unless you have to remove the top black tank cover off to get to the seat bolt which would be annoying 

-The gas tank has a threaded cap instead of the KTM half click thing 


Stronger Throttle Housing
-They say the throttle housing is stronger and impact resistant but to me it looks the same as previous year casted throttle housings which I can confirm are not impact resistant and break quite easy on a bike somersault. 

-It has throttle body injection which I’m hoping means a lot of more bottom end power than the TPI’s and maybe more like my carbed bike

Oil Pump
-It does have the electric oil pump like the TPI’s, I would personally prefer the premix version that comes on the 24XC so theres one less electronic component that could fail and blow up your bike.

Throttle cams
-They offer different different throttle cams to alter throttle progression. My sherco came with a long throttle cam and it was terrible. KTM’s feel great but maybe a shorter one might be interesting to try.

-New front disc but still using braketec brand brakes which people have reported mixed opinions on, some say they work fine but some say the casting break easier than brembo’s

-If it’s like pervious GG’s it will have the 9mm braktec clutch piston which means a very light pull and a longer pull so you can control the power on pivots and slick conditions. They do note the lever has a new shape this year, I dont remember anything wrong with the old shape but well see.

-Larger bar pads than previous year GG’s

-No info yet on the flywheel weight, the older Gas Gas’ were lighter than the KTM’s but if they are promoting this as a hard enduro bike they might have gone with a heavier one? This is something I’ve wanted to experiment with on my KTM.

-Cheaper price than KTM/Husky leaves room to upgrade your forks to the WP closed cartridge 6500 kit and get it tuned to your weight/style which is money well spent. Hit up Deja Suspension he’s been testing and working on runnings for the new bikes.

-A big selling point for me on the Gas Gas EC is that it has the larger stator like the XCW but also has linkage suspension which in the past has meant that the bike has a lower seat height (I have short legs). And really the linkage just feels better if you end up riding faster and hit chatter or whoops compared to a PDS shock. The PDS shock has come a long way but on my recent post about it a number of people said they went from a PDS to Linkage and prefer the linkage

-No word on which transmission it has but I’m guessing it’s the same as the 24XC/XCW. I’m really disappointed they got rid of the old XC transmission. Going to have to figure out all the new sprockets for the new gearing since it’s way different than before. 

Let’s’ Ride in Idaho will have these bikes next month so I’m thinking about getting one, let me know what you think of these bikes any selling points or things that will keep you from not getting one? 



Gas Gas Press Release


Prefer hard enduro over racing between the tapes? If so, then the EC 300 is definitely for you! Built to be light, powerful, and capable of scaling anything in its path, this bike is an ultra-modern enduro steed that makes light work of the gnarliest offroad terrain. With tons of torque down low and supple and easy-to-adjust WP suspension, those long, gruelling days on the bike are made much more enjoyable aboard the EC 300. Where would you take yours?


All red and all-new! Fully redesigned from front to back, the sleek bodywork is incredibly ergonomic with larger contact surfaces and an improved rider triangle further enhancing control. The rad shrouds are shaped to help better grip the bike as you get on the gas. There's also a super grippy seat cover keeping you sat exactly where you need to be.


New stronger throttle housing thats more impact resistant for improved durability 


2.38 gallon tank with a threaded filler cap.


Bigger footpegs for better control and a new mounting design that places them further inward on the frame. This makes them less prone to catching the edge of deep ruts. 


New frame has improved anti-squat behavior for maximum traction when exiting corners and throughout the frame. The wall thickness has been revised in certain areas to enhance rider feedback and energy absorption. 


The tried and tested WP XPLOR open cartridge forks remain but for 2024 they’ve been updated with new settings to further improve performance. The fork legs are longer which balances the bike out a little more. The rebound and compression clickers are easily adjustable by hand. 


Soaking up the bumps with ease, the new WP XACT rear shock is shorter and lighter than the old versions bust still offers 300mm of travel. Inside theres been some technical changes with a new piston improving initial comfort and helping the shock stop up a little higher in the stock, especially when under hard acceleration 



Technical Highlights Enduro


New frame – Engineered to be stable at speed while remaining incredibly agile through tight and twisty trails, the new frame amplifies the riding experience for everyone.

New aluminum subframe – Strong, reliable, and plays a vital role in the ergonomics and handling of each bike.

New die-cast aluminum swingarm – Light, strong, and offering just the right amount of flex!

New bodywork – Refined rider triangle gives larger contact areas so riders can better grip the bike for improved control. And of course, it’s all red!

WP XPLOR front fork with open cartridge – Undergoing plenty of technical changes to further improve performance and overall handling, the WP XPLOR forks are a little longer, assembled with new settings, and remain easily adjustable by hand.

WP XACT rear shock with rear linkage – Shorter and lighter yet retaining 300mm of travel, the WP XACT shock features a new piston for improved comfort. And to make sure the shock action is always consistent and progressive, all GASGAS enduro bikes are equipped with a linkage.

New forged triple clamps – Featuring a new steering stem that offers a little more flex for improved comfort.

New Braktec brakes – With brake disks unique to GASGAS and new calipers front and rear, it’s never been easier to keep things under control in the woods.

Neken Handlebars – Made from high-strength aluminum and with a bar bend unique to GASGAS, durability and comfort are guaranteed while a bigger bar pad improves safety.

New footpegs – Bigger is definitely better when it comes to footpegs, which means the new GASGAS bikes offer better control in all conditions.

New Throttle Body Injection with separate oil tank for 2 strokes – Bringing our 2-stroke enduro dirt bikes bang up to date, Throttle Body Injection makes sure the motors run clean, crisp, and create strong power throughout the rev range.

New electronic exhaust control 2 strokes – Controlling how the exhaust ports open, the new electronic powervalve improves durability while boosting torque.

New motors – Centralizing mass while also being lighter, not to mention that they produce more usable torque, the performance from each motor is even better for 2024.

New, unified motor position – All 4-stroke models have the motor mounted in the same position to improve the overall handling of each and every bike.

Map Select Switch – Take the riding experience of any of our four strokes to the next level with a Map Select Switch! Readily available as a Technical Accessory, with the simple press of the corresponding button, traction control, a quickshifter, and a choice of two maps can be engaged to customize the performance of each enduro bike. And by adding one to any of our 2-strokes, you’ll also get the choice of two different engine maps


  • Sean

    What did they change about the radiator? It’s the Achilles heel of these bikes…

  • seth

    Check the Husqvarna te 300, it has xact fork and shock. Just went to the dealer yesterday trying to figure out the differences.

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