Flooring options for my dream garage build

Spending way too much time spinning my head on what flooring to do in the dream garage build. There’s a lot of options and quality varies. I like the look of the rocksolid metallic epoxy floor the best (I dont love the epoxy flake floors)  but you have to double what they recommend to get it thick enough which would be about $900 in material for my 616 sqft garage. I then looked into dying and clear coats. 

I finally found something that is supposed to hold up well to oil and gas leaking which is the Foundation armor UTN60, pure aliphatic urethane high gloss. Says its harder and resists chemicals better than epoxies and would be about 274$ in material. 

I would like to dye the concrete to get some darker greys going on. Seems like acid stain is the best but they only offer natural browns and reds. I might end up trying a water based stain like delta dye. 

I’m planning on renting a diamond grinder from home depot ($174 for a day) to clean up the concrete and get a good base for the flooring to adhere to. 

If anyone has any experience with flooring and concrete for garages please let me know. 

Below are all my notes and researching on flooring, I list out quotes on having it done as well as pricing out DIY options. 






Foundation armor UTN60

Resists oil and gas, transmission fluid, chemicals and acids
pure aliphatic urethane
High gloss clear
Lasts 7-10 years before recoat
Compared to epoxies its more chemical resistant, harder, and it is more UV resistant

Prepare by grinding to 40-60 grit apply with nap roller 
3 gal kit, $274.
750-850 sqft





Staining utn60
acid stain or dye the concrete prior to applying the UTN60.
if you acid stain, make sure to neutralize the stain with ammonia and water or baking soda and water. Don't use stains that will congest the concrete pores, the UTN60 needs to be able to penetrate through the color product, into the concrete pores.

Guy said stay away from water based stains as it might have some acrylic in it


Eagle sealer

Oil Based Acrylic Chattahoochee Sealer
Oil wiped up but diesel shows stain marks
High-gloss, UV-resistant formula
Re seal 2-5 years?
Oil based High-solids acrylic co-polymer

 5 gallon $110
500 sqft (2 coats)
.20 sqft
my 616sqft: (5 gallon + 1 gallon) $135 

5 gallon




1 gallon


3 year review






Water based stain
More control over the color where acid is more reactive
Do not require neutralizing
UV resistant 




once the reaction is complete the color is permanent and won't fade, chip off, or peel away.
Less control
Need grind concrete first
Requires neutralizing after 

Concrete camouflage 

Acid stain

Riverstone: can be Greys or Browns. Usually a mix of light to medium greys on smooth concrete, and a medium brown, or darker grey on broom finished.


 Nickle acid stains




Ameripolosh Dye-N-Seal Pro SB Dye

extremely fine molecules of color designed to penetrate and color most interior concrete surfaces. Dye-N-Seal dye can be used as a stand-alone color application on concrete, or can be used as a base coat prior to acid staining concrete in order to add color to problem areas that will not react to acid stain.




Stone coat rocksolid metallic gunmetal  
Everyone says get double what they recommend
Best looking with the marble look
polycuramine concrete coating says 20x stronger than epoxy
Have to put it on thick so buy way more than they say
2 box kit $196.48
Each box claims 125sqft but really you have to double it so really 75sqft per box  
$1.57 sqft
$967 Total for my 616sqft garage + prep 





20x22: 440sqft  6 boxes $600 + prep  



With any of these solutions I plan to rent a grinder to get the best prep for the concrete, you can acid etch it but the grinder is the best 

10” diamond grinder Home Depot

$178 per day 



Non slip additive 


Throw in the sand like material to the final coat to prevent slipping. With these glossy coatings if it gets wet or dusty it can get slippery. 

Go with the fine grit over course as I hear more coarse makes it harder to clean up spills with a paper towel (rips it) 

Some people will throw non slip in certain areas and leave it off others. 

From a photo view its hard to tell anything was added. 


Probably best to purchase the non slip brand with whatever coating you purchase 






Epoxy-amror systèmes 

2 day process 

Not a quick dry process 

5-7 first and 3-4 next day 

Poly spastic top which is uv stable 

2,519.44. 3% discount if cash : 2400 

Full life time warrany, everything but acts of god 


Black floor: https://www.instagram.com/p/B9xJYSfpqHn/ 

Light grey https://www.instagram.com/p/BsbEXh4H0-6/

White https://www.instagram.com/p/BHxmlTbglQ8/

Black texture https://www.instagram.com/p/BHxl6tzgSgl/




Garage experts

$10.50/sqft. 4 day install




Polished concrete: 4.50 sqft: $2700
it doesnt hold up to oil and have to maintain 


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