First Look Graham Jarvis Edition 2020 Husqvarna te300i Hard Enduro Bike

This limited edition Graham Jarvis 2020 Husqvarna te300i was just released in honor of Jarvis' long career.


Graham Jarvis is 44 years old and still holding it down with all the young bucks. So far in 2019 he has been the winner of Erzberg Rodeo (Austria) and Hixpania (Spain). If you guys are following the WESS (World Enduro Super Series) series he just got 7th in Getzen Rodeo (Germany) which puts him in 5th overall in the WESS Leaderboard 



So the platform that his bike is built around is the 2020 Husqvarna TE300i, which I thought he would be running the TX300.

 2020’s vs 2019 differences:

  • TPI improvements for smooth responsiveness 
  • No kickstarter 
  • Revised wp suspicion  


The Jarvis edition gets some upgrades to make it closer to his factory bike 

Jarvis Edition Features:

Black frame
The white frames on previous models chip really easily and it shows the metal underneath really badly, however in 2020 we are seeing a blue flame. But the silent assassin Graham Jarvis is rocking the Black frame like many of the KTM’s. 

Graphics Kit
Of course his bike features his factory edition Rockstar Energy graphics. I wish they would have put some more work into the design of this as it kind of looks like they just slapped on a rockstar sticker. 

Triple clamps
We see some bling in the triple clamps on this bike as they come in blue. The Six days KTM edition was always known for the orange triple clamps so it’s cool to see Husky getting in on the action as well. Although it should be noted that all husky’s already come with billet (black) triple clamps unlike KTM. KTM only gets billet in the XC models. The XCW and EXC both get the silver triple clamps. 


Rear Sprocket
The rear sprocket features a blue Supersprox aluminum core and steel teeth outer teeth. Not sure on the gearing but pretty sure it’s just stock.

Front Disc Guard 
For protection up front you get a plastic disc guard to cover the rotor.

Skid Plate
The bike has a plastic skid plate however it does not feature a linkage guard

Pro taper Handlebars
Just like Jarvis’ bike this one gets the Protaper bars in low with awide sweep. 

ODI grips
They say these are limited edition grips however its hard to see what is special about them.

Ribbed Seat
The black seat cover features ribbing which helps keep you on the bike on hill climbs without wasting energy hanging onto the bars.


Expected in beginning of 2020 in limited number and undefined price but the 2020 husky TE300i is listed as $10,099 to give you some reference. 

Not available in the US!?
This might come as a shocker but it kind of makes sense as graham Jarvis is a super star in europe/rest of the world. However here in the US motorcorss/supercorss is the main event. Hard Enduro here in the states is just starting to become popular. I cant wait for it to be big like it is over there with huge crowds of people coming out, cheering on the gnar, pulling tugger straps and tow straps, getting muddy and being stoked!

So what do you think of the bike and what will it cost? Is this something you would buy if available in the US?



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