Least Hot & Best Enduro Chest Protector

I recieved a ton of great feedback on chest protectors from you guys in the other instagram post, thank you for sharing! I’ve compiled those notes along with other research I’ve done below to make it easier for you to decide on one. My criteria was really to find the least hot chest protector but, when I started looking into it I found the CE safety rating varies. I’m mainly wearing a chest protector to stop me from getting impaled by a stick to the chest. Do you think the lower CE rating 14021 that’s rated as a ’stone Shield’ ie more of a roost guard its fine for that or do you think it need to be the higher CE 1621 level 1? Also if you have any experience with the below models or one you think should be on the list please let me know. #TrailboundTested

Fox Raceframe
-Forms/molds to your body when it gets warm and feels like its not there
-Back can be removed
-Super lightweight and slim
-Great ventilation
-More comfortable then the Alpine star A-1
-Little bit of side protection
-Plastic is only glued on and many reported it falling apart
-Front protection: CE EN 14021 Certified Stone Shield
-Back protection: CE EN 14021 Certified
-They offer higher CE with the ‘impact’ version or you can buy the pad separate to velcro in

Fox Raceframe CE
-Similar to race frame just an extra piece of foam on front and rear to make it CE level 1
-Not quite as cool as the Alpinestar A-1 roost guard in the ventilation but you can remove the CE piece in the front for more ventilation if you don’t need CE level 1
-Could also remove the bag plastic and just run the CE foam for a minimal amount of back protection
-CE level 1 chest plate impact but as comfortable as a Moto style roost guard.
-Front protection: CE prEN 1621-3 Level 1
-Back protection: CE EN 1621-2 Level 1

Alpinestar A1 
-Comfortable and low profile
-Ultimate summer setup
-Lightest and least hot I’ve tried (Israel rider)
-Back can be removed
-A1 plus version has a little more padding and more on the shoulders making it more comfortable
-Used in Texas heat
-Have 4 other chest protectors: Leatt, Thor, Fox Proframe ect. A-1 is by far the best for under the jersey in terms of looks, yet still very protective.
-Low CE rating but the a1 plus has higher CE rating
-Removable shoulder pads
-Comfortable and lots of mobility
-Closer in protection to a roost guard, a track guy said he collapsed his lung
-Broke some ribs in the A1. Going back to an over the jersey chest protector.
-front protection: CE certified to EN 14021 stone shield.
-I’m not seeing this one sold at many places now, might be discontinued?

Alpinestar A1 plus
-Seems like this one has replaced the a1 mostly as its more available ini the stores
-Similar to the a1 just more foam padding around the outside of the plastic and on the shoulders
-Maybe a little hotter than the a1?
-Removable back
-Front protection: En 14021 Stone Shield.
-Back protection: CE En 1621-2:2014 Level 1.
-1.9 lb

Alpinestar A4 max
-Similar to the a1 plus but more/taller back protection and side protection
-Back can not be removed like a1, its stitched in
-Fits and stays put really well
-More comfortable than the a1 but maybe a little hotter?
-Shoulder foam padding, some say kind of wide on neck but it is removable
-Has the side rib padding protection more like a Leatt, but that will make it hotter
-Front chest protection: En 1621-2:2014 Level 1
-Back protection: EN 1621-2, Level 1

Alpinestars Bionic Action 
-Didn’t find many reviews
-A1 plus is a little bit more low profile and little better quality
-Lighter and more comfy than Leatt
-Dont think back can be removed?
-Chest protection: EN 1621-3:2016 Level 1.
-Back protection: EN 1621-2:2014 Level 1.

Leat 3DF Airfit 
-Can be hot
-Decent air flow
-Good comfort, coverage and protection since it wraps around the sides more
-Super slim
-Dont think the back is removable?
-chest protection EN1621-3 Level 1, flank protection
-Back protection: EN1621-2 Level 1

Troy Lee rockfight
-Good ventilation
-Minimal padding, not to hot
-I think someone said the back can be removed?
-Chest protection: CE EN14021 Stone Shield 
-There’s a ‘rockfight CE’ version but it only has a higher back protection rating (level 1), the front is the same
-1.46 lb

Leatt 6.5 pro 
-Lower profile and more breathable than previous leatt versions
-Much lighter than the older Leatt 5.5
-Thick padding making it heavier and hotter
-Mesh base layer
-Can be worn under the jersey but looks a little weird
-Side rib protection
-Upper arm pads could be nice for pushing shoulder into a stick (they are removable though)
-Most expensive but probably much higher protection
-Probably much hotter then other options
-Chest protection: EN1621-3 Level 2
-Back protection: EN1621-2 Level 2
-Shoulder protection: EN1621-1
-3.1 lb


Let me know if you have any experience with the above or what chest protector you think is best, thanks


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  • John

    I really like the alpinestar A1 its not very hot compared to others

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