Trailbound Ladies 2021 Enduro Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for your Lady or a moto friend (maybe even yourself-shh we won’t judge)! Here is a list of some oof the things we use a lot and think should be on top of our list to Santa.  Besides a gift to wrap up under the tree these things are also great to use year round. Trailboundladies tested and approved.


 Gaia GPS 1 Year Premium Membership Gift

Our favorite GPS app to keep us from getting lost on the trail! You can track your ride to see where you’ve gone and look ahead at a different trails to see how to get back to the truck. The Premium membership allows you to layer multiple maps so for example you can see USFS trail names but also layer in some topography lines to check the terrain, or quickly switch between topo and satellite. It’s very useful, we use it every ride!
$40 | Gaia



Babes in the Dirt Socks

Great stocking stuffers for the Lady in your life. It's a fun way to rep a women’s riding event and a growing female movement. We suggest getting 2 pairs, one to keep on rotation at home and another to keep in your gear bag  for “cozy” time after a post rip session.

$10 | BITD Socks


Garmin inReach Mini

InReach Mini isa tiny satellite communicator. You can send an SOS alert to get a helicopter or use it to text you're loved letting them know you're safe but getting home after dark. We also find it useful for texting at remote campgrounds where you normally wouldn't get service but need to get in contact with a buddy thats coming. 

$350 + monthly plan  |  Rocky Mountain | Amazon


DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer

As the winter wet months are ahead no one wants to spend day 2 in wet boots. Wether you're riding from home or using a generator at camp this boot dryer will have your boots ready to go. Drying the boots  can help remove odors and ensures a long life for your boots as well.  This dryer comes wirh taller extensions great for moto boots in the back and gloves at the same time.

$80 | Amazon


BAOFENG 2 Pack 8W Radios w/ Accessory kit

Easy communication is key to a happy ride. Running walkies with fellow riders or partners takes out the yelling over the motor or the anticipation of where is someone behind you. If anyone’s separated or falls down it can help communicate easily to others you may need a hand. The screen makes it easy to sync up with others on different channels if you go join some new friends. This 2 pack with handsets & chargers is a perfect kit to get your rollin. These are the best range walkies you can buy for the price and size, dont be fooled by other gimmicks. 

$70 | Amazon


Trailbound Enduro Tow Strap

Are you prepared for the unexpected? No one likes a breakdown especially when it’s 60 miles out in a canyon. Sometimes the canyon walls are a bit steep and you need  a tow up or even getting a bike down. Our tow straps are small enough to always have in the bottom of your pack as a 'just in case' but strong enough to always save the day.  Because these times can tend to be tense we make sure to keep the comedy alive with some fun printed slogans.

$39 |  Trailbound


Trailbound Oil Drain Kit

No mess solution to keeping your pony up and running. Just put the bike on its side, remove the oil bolt, thread this in and dump the oil into a bucket or jug. Comes with caps and a plastic bag to keep it dialed when not in use.

 $20 | Trailbound



A TrailboundLadies favorite for backpacks is this full sizes backpack that can hold 3L of water, tools and gear. The single front chest strap fits well over the chest protectors and great easy access with plenty of room for 100 mile rides but slim enough for just an easy day out. The smaller pouches on the chest are perfect fit your SOS devise to be close. Molded, vented, reflective all reasons you can’t make excuses for the plastic water bottle in your pocket any longer. You deserve this. 

$99 Klim | amazon



Ease and independence for loading and unloading a full-size bike is made easy with this hitch hauler. Utilizing a hydraulic jack the bike is lifted up and rides nice and close to the back of the vehicle. If you can roll the bike you can use this carrier. It’s just a couple cracks up on the jack, some bolts in the foot pegs and you’re ready to go anywhere whether someone is there to help you unload or not. 

$490 | Rocky Mountain


Step Ramp

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas. We know there’s fear of loading a dirt bike especially alone. It can lead to missed rides and lack of confidence so why make it hard with trying to step on coolers and hoping there is a hill to backup to. This product makes it easy with steps integrated into the ramp! It folds up! it’s light! It works great.  We love being independent to do what we love- so loading up should be the easy part. 

$349 | Rocky Mountain | amazon


Trailboundco Pad Pack- 2 pocket 

One of our can’t go on a ride with out type of product, the Pad Pack!! With priority being on a place for your trail Donuts this pack gives you a “how did I ever live without” place for your phone, chapstick, multi tool and quick access to zip ties. New water proof zipper keeps you all season ready and a great addition to your snow bike or Sled as well. It’s a hot items for a reason so make sure this is on the Xmas list early! 

$56 | Trailbound


TrailboundCo Ladies Gold Diamond Sweat shirt 

Everyone needs a cozy go-to hoodie. This Trailbound Ladies sweatshirt is soft, smooth, and good looking. It's the perfect choice for cooler evening at camp. 😉 There’s a non gender specific Classic Trailbound orange available as well

$40 | Trailbound 


Mitas XT-454 Extreme Double Green Gummy 

Well when they say a tire is a “cheater” this is the top of the list. It makes getting up those rocks super easy.  Set yourself up for success with the proper equipment to advance your riding and enjoy the terrain even more. It has a unique combination of stability and grip in rocky conditions with wet or loose gnarr mixed in. We’ve found the tires last far longer than other gummies. 

$140 |  Trailbound


Trailboundco Topo Mountains Tote Bag

Everyone loves a great bag and this one is stylish and the perfect size for a computer or great for carrying moto pants/jersey or a clean change of clothes for after the ride. 

$25 | Trailbound


Dirtastic BRAAP Hat

The staple hat for any rider is the classic Braap Hat from Dirtastic. Classic Black on a black to pair with any outfit but also seen worn by some of the most bad ass female racers. Make sure people know that your fun times are spent on a dirtbike while making sure you look awesome 

$20 | Dirtastic



Stow away small and dry in its own stuff sack is this ACTUALLY waterproof jacket with all new PRO upgrades to one of our favorite jackets from KLIM. While others say they have a rain jacket this one is top of the line in keeping you dry. It has all the bells and whistles and is super light so you never think twice about having it in your bag or strapped to your bike fender with the Trailbound fender kit always ready an unexpected shower while on the trail. The new colors are amazing and getting a gift you need and will last is the best. 

$380 |  Klim 


Megs Braap Clinic Gift Certificate 


Training with MegsBraap! Send someone special to a future Megs off-road skills clinic in your area of choice on her 2022 clinic schedule. Level 1 or 2 clinics focus on so many skills that will advance anyone’s riding to the next level. Static balance, logs, getting the wheel up & more- Megs clinics have you covered. It’s a super chill environment to really learn a ton in one day that you can take home and build on. Her videos have helped many of us advance in this sport- this in person knowledge is even better. You can even meat Moose & Sage her dogs. 

$235 | Traction eRag


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