Trailbound Ladies Freshie 2022 300xcw Build


When I bought my first KTM 250XCW new off the show room floor, no one told me to strip it down first. So the the bike took a whooping and it shows now! My new 2022 KTM 300XCW build is a bit different with more experience and watching a lot of bike builds from the community in the past 2 years.  I am tearing down the stock bike and rebuilding it before I even go for one ride on it. I’ve learned some good parts, tips & tricks that will help keep this bike protected in the rocks and set it up from the start. This bike will be set up for me at 5’3 tall, 140lbs and used for enduro rock riding and woods single track. The bike build had been on hold for 5 months as working across the country took me away from getting it started and not to mention when you think you ordered everything then realize you forgot something (and then it happens again and again). What do you think does it look like I’m forgetting anything? -@snowysunvalley @TrailboundLadies 

Lower plusher suspension made a world of a difference

I worked with Mikey from Deja Moto for my suspension on the new bike. I took the stock forks and shock off before I even rode it and shipped them in a padded gun case to Montana. We spoke a bit about what I wanted but I do not have much suspension experience and not really sure what I “need” besides lowering it. Mikey knows the terrain I ride and my experience level based on our friendship/instagram. Also he works with other women such as Dayne Toney & Cassie Slawson who ride  hard enduro & rage in height from 5’2- 6’. Micky works with them on tuning it to their needs in what they ride.  I appreciated that Deja Moto takes “getting into rocks” as seriously for a women as a male rider. I never felt brushed off for not knowing a lot about suspension. 

On my first bike (250xcw) I had the suspension lowered and had softer springs put in. However, riding the new Deja Moto Supsention I can immediately feel the difference. The front end doesn’t hit a rock and bounce back at me harshley. Now fast whoops are smooth without the rear end kicking up. I’ve only ridden it for 10 hours so far but I will be putting in the time to try it in all the terrains.

Spec: KTM Xplorer forks lowered 1 inch, Re-sprung to my weight, Symmetrical valve conversion, low friction band, and the shock re-valved to my weight. 

With lowering the bike 1”, the stock kick stand no longer works on the bike. I cut this one down the same as last. You simply take the kick stand off the bike and use a heat gun to warm the end of the metal a bit to get the foot out of the tube. We used a grinder with cut off wheel to make the cut. Then we popped the foot back in with the help of a mallet and put the kick stand back on. It sits so well now and a very simple task to stop the the bike from falling over.

My first custom graphics kit

This was my first time doing graphics on a bike build. After seeing some amazing work on Gloria Cunninghams's bike out of Canada, I chose to work with Dom from M7 Designs. I loved the art I had seen on the other bike but wanted to build on it and not just copy it. I had some ideas in the past but wasn’t sure how to articulate them. Dom was amazing and fielded a lot of back and forth emails to get it just right. It takes some practice getting all the logo files together from companies for the first time, but we are all set for the next time now. We added some custom wraps to the Reflex handguards and Trailbound chain saw rack. Dom and I worked around areas I knew were going to see the scratches from my past bike. They sent me samples to get the color just right as chrome finish is so hard to see over video calls due to the reflection. With covid, holiday delays and traveling the bike finally came together and it is exactly as I want it.  

I used a squeegee set off amazon and a small travel hair dryer to apply them and it was pretty easy for a first timer. Its some what cathartic and you get in a grove. They say to put them on in 68 degrees so we ended up bringing the bike inside the house for 48 hours. Yes we could have removed the rest the plastics from the bike buttttt that wouldn’t have been as fun as having a clean fresh bike to wake up to as motivation. 


Small hands and a big bike 

As someone with small hands it can be a challenge on stock bikes to reach the levers. So I ride with ARC levers. I  adjust them in so I can reach the clutch and brake easier.They are breakaway as well so because my bike does take some dirt naps quite often this saves me from replacing them often. My past 250 KTM has a Recluse auto clutch on it so I used a Rear Hand break on that. I will be riding without the auto clutch and hand break on this bike and trying to get used to the engine break and clutch and see how it goes.

After riding the first generation of Astra Apollo Low bars on my last bike I put on the new Astra Gemini Series bars on the 300 build. I have really enjoy the low bars from Astra. I immediately feel the lower pars put my body position in a way that it allows me more room from the elbows to work. 


Hand guards that can take a hit

I am pretty hard on hand guards as I have a tendency to drop my bike on its side all the time. I have bent alot of the hand guard bars themselves as well as the plastic hand covers. It was suggested by Lauren (@moutainstandard) to try Reflex Hanguards because they use a different design giving them more flex during a hit. I ran them on my last bike and instead of cracking the plastic or having the torque of a hit move to the full handle bar, Reflex uses a flexible cable insert which takes a lot of the impact. So if I go down and nock the hand guards up on the trail I can now just push them back down instead of getting an allen wrench out to loosen them and reset them or have them pitch my throttle and send the bike zooming. 

Lightening my backpack 

I have been running the Trailbound Chainsaw rack for over a year now and it’s been great to get the weight of tools out of backpack and onto the front. I don’t want to be that girl that isn’t prepared on the trail and not have the tools is need for myself or another in a jam. So instead of ditching the tools I have a Klim Tool bag that I strap on the front chainsaw rack and it allows me to carry a tow strap, bolt bag, zipties, JB welds, extra shifter & more. The bag sits on one side of the number plate allowing room to strap a fuel bottle or a jacket on as well using the Trailbound Enduro Straps.

When it’s time to carry a chain saw, no problem as there are so many available mounting points on this rack. The Dirtastic Ladies rode the grueling Ridaho Grit in 2021 and they all used the racks as a well to cary extra fuel, tools, & saws in the back country for the week. The Baja S2 light will be mounted on the bottom of this as well! We currently keep helmet lights in our back packs that attach to helmet and fender.



◆ F R O N T  E N D ◆
Suspension Deja Moto Xplorer forks lowered 1 inch, Resprung, Symmetrical valve conversion, low friction band, Shock revalved
Upper fork shrink protection
Trailbound rubber fork guard protection
Full wrap stanchion fork guards
Bulletproof Front disc guard
Acerbis Fork Lug/Foot protector 
Trailbound Tugger Front adjustable black leather
Trailcutters Chainsaw Number Plate Rack
Baja S2 Light
Michelin Bib Mousse
Mitas EF Yellow Stripe 90/100 front tire

◆ H A N D L E B A R S  &  C O N T R O L S 
Astra Offroad Handle bars GEMINI SERIES 27MM
Reflex Racing Recurve Mount Handguards
Trailbound Medium 2 Pocket Handlebar Bag
One way Vent hose
ARC folding clutch lever:
ARC folding Brake lever:
Trailbound Master Cylinder Reservoir Covers KTM (Brembo)

◆ M O T O R ◆
Bulletproof Radiator guards:
Brush bungees:
Bullet Proof TPS Sensor Guard
KTM Powerpart fan & Relay
Exhaust flange support:
FMF Fatty:
Trail jammer stator/clutch guard
FMF Turubinecore 2.0:
SamcoSport Radiator Hose Kit with Thermostat Bypass Orange
SamcoSport Radiator Hose Clamp Kit Thermostat Bypass
Engine Ice Radiator Fluid:
Aluminum Fuel tap (replaces plastic):
Female metal quick connect (replaces plastic):

◆ F O O T  C O N T R O L S ◆
TRS Folding Foot pedal
Hammerhead Shifter

◆ S E A T  &  P L A S T I C S ◆
TrailboundLadies Custom Chrome Graphics from M7Designs
Polisport Complete Replica Plastic Kit Black
Stock Seat Foam shaved down By LetsRide
Grippy seat cover
T.M. Designworks Full Coverage Plastic Skid Plate Black
Trailbound Tugger rear XL Leather

◆ R E A R  E N D ◆
Nuetech Nitro Mousse Soft Plushie Foam Tube
Rear tire: Mitas XT- 454 Double Green Gummy 110
Rear bearing mud guards Tusk
Rear disc guard Bulletproof
Rear caliper guard  Bulletproof

◆ D R I V E  T R A I N ◆
DDC rear sprocket 51t + RK Chain
Swing arm tab protector Bulletproof
Plastic swing arm guards

◆ T I R E S  &  B I B S ◆
Front Michelin Bib Mousse Foam Tube
Front Tire: Mitas EF Yellow Stripe 90/100 front
Rear Nuetech Nitro Mousse Soft Plushie Foam Tube

Rear tire: Mitas XT- 454 Double Green Gummy 110

T I R E S  &  B I B S
Front Michelin Bib Mousse Foam Tube
Front Tire: Mitas EF Yellow Stripe 90/100 front
Rear Nuetech Nitro Mousse Soft Plushie Foam Tube
Rear tire: Mitas XT- 454 Double Green Gummy 110


Trailbound Padpack for cell phone, tools and snacks!

Trailbound XL grabber strap and FMF turbine core 2.0

DDC 51t sprocket, Bulletproof tab protector, Mitas XT454 tire


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