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When I bought my first KTM 250XCW new off the show room floor, no one told me to strip it down first. So the the bike took a whooping and it shows now! My new 2022 KTM 300XCW build is a bit different with more experience and watching a lot of bike builds from the community in the past 2 years.  I am tearing down the stock bike and rebuilding it before I even go for one ride on it. I’ve learned some good parts, tips & tricks that will help keep this bike protected in the rocks and set it up from the start. This bike will be set up for me at 5’3 tall, 140lbs and used for enduro rock riding and woods single track. The bike build had been on hold for 5 months as working across the country took me away from getting it started and not to mention when you think you ordered everything then realize you forgot something (and then it happens again and again). What do you think does it look like I’m forgetting anything?

Lower plusher suspension made a world of a difference

I worked with Mikey from Deja Moto for my suspension on the new bike. I took the stock forks and shock off before I even rode it and shipped them in a padded gun case to Montana. We spoke a bit about what I wanted but I do not have much suspension experience and not really sure what I “need” besides lowering it. Mikey knows the terrain I ride and my experience level based on our friendship/instagram. Also he works with other women such as Dayne Toney & Cassie Slawson who ride  hard enduro & rage in height from 5’2- 6’. Micky works with them on tuning it to their needs in what they ride.  I appreciated that Deja Moto takes “getting into rocks” as seriously for a women as a male rider. I never felt brushed off for not knowing a lot about suspension. 

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